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Mark HoweHello. I'm a UK-based illustrator and spend my time
helping award winning design and advertising agencies
win even more awards. My background is in graphic
design, so producing stuff that’s relevant and effective
is my natural way of working. Send me a brief and I’ll
show you what I can do. Below are a few other things
about me you may like to know.

Skills. Illustration & image making using pencils,
pens, paint, a mouse (animal), a mouse (computer).
Thinking outside the box, thinking whilst hiding behind
the box, thinking whilst wearing the box as a hat,
thinking whilst sharing the box with a fox in socks.

Likes. Felt tips, graphic posters, type, digital watches,
words, ideas, books, Alan Fletcher (RIP), 1960's cars,
frogs, humour, Tin Tin, Guy Bourdin, casio keyboards,
draftsmanship, sunshine and photography.

Dislikes. Clip art, spiders, rain, The Daily Mail, porridge,
rust, bagpipes, TV soaps, Narnia and the common cold.

Strengths. Hand drawn loose pen and ink style that
is much more difficult than it looks (honest) and stylish
vector minimalism.

Weaknesses. Laughing at own rubbish puns, cake,
doritos,, facebook and crunchie bars.

Special Powers. Holding breath for 27 seconds,
sub-human strength, flight, laser eye treatment and
lying about special powers.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would
prefer straight answers.